Did You Know that Bach Flower remedies can help ease the fear of Flying?

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While the causes of flight anxiety can vary from person to person, there are a few common factors that may contribute to this fear. 

For instance, for some people the cause of stress is the idea of being in a closed space (claustrophobia). For others, the anxiety could come from the fear of the plane falling or the fear of loss of control. Some folks will panick by the idea of being so high in the sky (fear of heights)....

There are so many possible possible causes for one's discomfort with the idea of taking a plane. So If you suffer from anxiety when flying, the first step is to identify the source of the anxiety.

And for that you can look for a qualified Bach Flower practitionner, who can help you understand your fears and create a personalised remedy blend for you

Here’s an overview of a few different Bach Flower remedies that may help you manage your fear of flying – both in the event and before and hopefully to ease your fear of flying completely.

  • Mimulus is the flower for anxieties with a known cause
  • Aspen is anxieties with no known reason or cause
  • White Chestnut is for those with an overactive mind, which plays thoughts over and over
  • Rock Rose should be taken in cases where the anxiety is at a hightened state of horror, such as panic attack
  • Red Chestnut is for fears for loved one’s safety. If part of your anxiety is around the safety of your family
  • Rescue Remedy contain flower essences to ease the feelings of panic and terror

Wishing you a nice experience on your next flight ;)


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